Oldenburg in Holstein is located centrally in northern Ostholstein – a northeast part of Schleswig-Holstein. Visitors, guests and the local inhabitants enjoy Oldenburg as a nice place to stay with lots of stores, shops and restaurants. The variety of activities, entertainment and recovery in this area is huge especially with the nearby beaches, nature reserves, parks and rural area.




Oldenburg is also a place with an outstanding historical background. Originally named “Starigard”, Oldenburg was an important trading place in the year 800 b. Chr.

To get an idea of the Slavonic history of Oldenburg you should visit the local museum “Museumshof” and the “Ringwall” – a circle shaped mound in the middle of Oldenburg.


There are a lot of other attractions around Oldenburg to visit. For instance the manor house of Weißenhaus, built in 895, the amusement park “HansaPark” in Sierksdorf with more than 35 rides, lots of shows and entertainment.


Worth seeing and visiting are the nearby beaches around Oldenburg not only for bathing, swimming and watersports. Each of them is special and got its own beauty. The nature reserve “Oldenburger Bruch” and the “Graswarder” in Heiligenhafen are also popular places for Hikers and Visitors.   


Oldenburg is called the gate to Scandinavia because of its good position close to Fehmarn and the ferry port “Puttgaarden”.



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